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Name: Joshua Dylan Mackie
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A few years ago, when I was in my sixth grade of school, I had an entire class that revolved around the subject of Greek Mythology, which I loved every second, minute, and day of. It was always my absolute favorite subject in any school or grade of school I've ever been in.
Greek Mythology has always been a great interest of mine and I especially love the legends that were about my favorite gods and goddesses, which happened to be Athena, Hades, Hermes, and Apollo and Artemis.
As a whole, Greek Mythology is just downright fun to read and dive into.
However, during my Greek Mythology class, we watched Disney's Hercules, which I can imagine not many people would be too surprised about. Yeah, it's a Disney movie themed after Greek Mythology and, more specifically, one of the more well-known Greek legends, Hercules (Heracles). Of course it's going to be shown in a class of Greek Mythology, why not?
Well, at the time I was in the class, I thought that way too.
Although, as I've gotten older I've realized, just as many other people have realized or might realize about Disney's Hercules:
1. Hades is (Once again) portrayed as a villain, when in Greek legends, he's just the God of the Underworld and the Dead and whatnot. That's it.
2. Hera, in the original Greek legends, actually hated Hercules because he was the son of Zeus and a mortal woman. I don't know if you noticed, but Hera was quite the jealous goddess and bitches at Zeus on it a few times, and all for good reason, considering Zeus sleeps around with mortals quite a lot. Hades isn't even the one who sent snakes to kill Hercules in the original legend, it was Hera herself. She even tried to impeded Hercules's progress during his twelve trials by stirring up the Amazonians. She utterly hated Hercules, but in the Disney movie, she appeared as a kind and loving mother instead of the spiteful goddess she was supposed to be.

Now, take those into account for a second. I'm not riding Disney's ass over those things (Well, except for Hades being a villains, 'cuz I'm sick of seeing that), I'm really actually surprised that it was shown in my Greek Mythology class. Disney's Hercules was kinda unfaithful to the Greek legends it was based on and isn't the purpose of a class to teach you facts about the subject matter? Why couldn't we have been shown things like a movie adaptation of Odyssey or something like that?
You could argue that it was the sixth grade or whatever or that schools aren't comfortable with showing horrifying things to their students, but there's one thing that would trump that possible argument.
It's a class about
Greek Mythology.
If you're going to teach your students something like that, you might as well show them films or videos that give an accurate visual to the legends, because when they're reading those Greek legends, they're already going to be imagining the scenes portrayed in the literature in their heads.
And besides, teens and even small kids already see a lot of dramas and horror movies that kinda makes some of that stuff pointless to keep away from them, because they're just going to sit with their parents and watch horror movies at night that night or the next night anyways.
That said, let me say a few more things.
Of all the things I don't like about movies, cartoons, or, hell, even video games geared towards teens and kids revolving around Greek legends, I hate how Hades is constantly portrayed as a villain. When Hades and Hercules encountered each other during the twelfth trial, Hercules asked Hades if he could bring Cerberus with him to the land of mortals and Hades said that if he could overpower the beast, he'd be welcome to.
After doing just that and showing Cerberus off to the douche that made Herc go through those trials, Hercules returned Cerberus safely to the Underworld with no lasting or permanent damage.
I just don't understand why this is a recurring theme in Greek legend-inspired media (Again, usually the ones for child and teen audiences).
One other thing.
I'm sure a great many of you have read and enjoyed the Percy Jackson books series. A best-selling book series for kids and teenagers inspired by Greek legends and mythology with a story not unlike the Odyssey, in which the protagonists encounter beasts and monsters at random along the way towards their goals.
Well, I'm sure another grand number of you have watched the movie adaptations for Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters.
I never watched the second movie and I must admit that I never read the book series.
The first time I watched Lightning Thief, I really enjoyed it because, on its own, its a great movie. However, if it weren't for the fact that it's a movie adaptation and not a standalone movie, it might have done better and not gotten a lot of shit. And the movie adaptations of this book series gets shit for very good reasons.
Now, before you think to yourself that I just got done saying I never read the books, I recently got into a video series on Youtube called "Lost in Adaptation" where movies adapted from the original books are compared to one another to determine whether or not the movies were good adaptions first and good movies second. This series covered both Percy Jackson movies and the reasons for why the movies get so much shit is conveyed quite well through the videos. I'll gladly leave links to both videos for you to watch when you're done reading, but before I finish, I'd like to say that the one thing I can atest to is that Persephone should NOT have been in the Underworld in the Lightning Thief movie, considering the movie took place in Spring/Summer (I can't remember which), whilst the original legend of Persephone clearly tells that Persephone is only in the Underworld at the time of Autumn and Winter.
Anyways, that's enough of the rants. Here's the links to the Lost in Adaptation Percy Jackson videos.
The Lightning Thief: 

Sea of Monsters:

Have fun with those videos. They're pretty fun to watch, in my opinion.

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