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Classy Demons - Jacky by JoshtheOverlander Classy Demons - Jacky :iconjoshtheoverlander:JoshtheOverlander 3 0
dAfter-Story App: Fenris
Fenris Rosewood
Starbled, For Now
[Date of Birth] 
December 5
105 lb.
[Hair Color] 
[Eye Color] 
[Markings &/or Scars]
Black Cross tattoo on her back, between her shoulder blades
[Weaponry &/or Accessories]
She has a pair of beautiful red, indestructible ribbons wrapped around her fists, a ring with a black pearl on her left index finger
[Familiars, pets or Related]
Star - A glowing blue tiny chibi wolf that she can call on sometimes to deliver things. It's a lot physically stronger than it looks and she mostly uses it to deliver things or messages.
She typically wears tank tops, shorts, undershirts, and a pair of running shoes. All her shorts and pants have holes to let her tail through. In addition to her clothes being compatible with daily exercise, she prefers her clothing to be easy to get out of so she wo
:iconjoshtheoverlander:JoshtheOverlander 1 0
RoboDoodle by JoshtheOverlander RoboDoodle :iconjoshtheoverlander:JoshtheOverlander 4 0
My Pokmon World - Chapter 7 - Time Consuming
We headed into Route 2 and I just got done telling the team to do the indirect method to boost up Richter's level, at least until he turned to a Metapod. After hours of switch grinding, he finally evolved, but even Richter himself was not liking how slow things were going. "Eight hours and now I'm a Metapod. Great, how long will it take to boost me up to a Butterfree? A day and a half?" he puffed.
"Yeah, this is taking too long. Alright. In that case," I responded, petting Draco. "You're next, buddy. We'll focus on grinding until you hit level 13. You should be able to learn Metal Claw then, if I'm remembering correctly."
He nodded his head and replied, "Alright, then let's get started!" As he stepped towards the grass, I had to grab his tail to stop him. The part that wasn't on fire, of course.
"Woah, woah, buddy. Not just yet. We need go to the Viridian Forest this time. Most of the Pokémon there are weak against your Ember attack, so it should be much quicker," I explained.
:iconjoshtheoverlander:JoshtheOverlander 0 0
My Pokmon World - Chapter 6 - A Quick Break
The grass rustled for a few seconds before a wild Caterpie flew out at Angel, who quickly swooped out of the way. "Feisty little guy, isn't he? Angel, switch with Tamara!"
Angel moved back and Tamara took the lead, taking a tackle attack in return. "Tackle back, Tam!" I called. She threw herself into the Caterpie real hard, weakening it immensely.
I pulled out one of my last Pokeballs and tossed it at him. After he went into the ball, it jiggled a little, but stopped moving. "Sweet!"
After getting sent back out of the pokeball, the Caterpie lashed around aggressively at the others, to which I responded by picking him up by the tail. "That's no way to act around your new teammates, Richter," I reprimanded, keeping him facing the other way so he doesn't use String Shot on my face.
"Put me down! I didn't get to finish the fight!" he shouted.
"If a fight's what you want, don't worry. You'll get plenty with us." This seemed to draw his attention. "I'm a Pokémon trainer, little guy, and
:iconjoshtheoverlander:JoshtheOverlander 0 0
My Pokmon World - Chapter 5 - Blazing Through
After waking up and getting my things, the team and I went to the mart to purchase potions and antidotes. Thankfully, someone new was at the register. "Hello, how may I help you, sir?"
"Thank God! You're so polite!" He was put off guard my outburst, but a quick explanation fixed it right quick. "Anyways, I need Antidotes and Potions. Lots of 'em."
"Ah, you must be getting ready to tackle the forest. I see you have a fire type and a flying type with you. I'm sure you'll be able to get through fine."
After paying for the items and thanking the register guy, I led the team to Route 2 to level up Kain a few more times to hurry and get him to that sweet, sweet final evolution. It didn't take long either, since he still had Poison Sting from his time as a Weedle, and he was strong enough to take care of himself in battle without as much risk.
When he evolved, it was very impressive to see a wicked bee emerge from that cocoon. Kain was a Beedrill now and he was just as overjoyed as we were. "
:iconjoshtheoverlander:JoshtheOverlander 0 0
My Pokemon World Extra 01
A pack of Rattata siblings went off into the grass to spend their day. Roughhousing, racing, and even interacting with the other Pokémon in the grass. One Rattata, Iri, heard one of her sisters calling out to the rest of the pack. She, along with her brothers and sisters, went sprinting after the call.
Upon reaching her sister, however, the sight of a big white egg with little brown speckles caught her attention, with her sister, Ella, taking second notice. "Lookit! I found an egg!" Ella announced. She started circling the egg, taking it in. "It's so cool! Whaddya think it'll hatch out?"
Iri knew what it was, based on the coloration of the egg. A lightly tan sort of what with brown speckles. That could only mean a Pidgey. Rattata eggs were violet-tinted white and Spearow eggs were a heavy shade of brown with red lines around the middle.
Before she could say anything of it, though, the egg began to wiggle and crack. Eventually the top half of the egg broke off, revealing a small Pi
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Kala and Ella by JoshtheOverlander Kala and Ella :iconjoshtheoverlander:JoshtheOverlander 0 0
My Pokmon World - Ch. 4 - Entering the League
We marched over to Route 2 and called out for Angel. "Angel, where are you?"  I shuffled through the tall grass and heard a rustling.
A Rattata emerged and wiggled her tail to catch my attention. "Are you Josh?" she asked. After confirmation of who I was, she said, "Angel is this way."
She led me through to a corner of the grass darkened by the shadow of  a few trees along the road. Angel waited in the grass for us and looked down at the ground. "I'm sorry I ran away..."
I crouched down in the grass and pet her feathered head. "It's okay, Angel. We don't hold anything against you."
"Are you sure?" she asked cautiously.
"If anything, I should apologize to you. If I had used a potion or switched him out, Aja would still be alive."
"Call him AJ!" she said. "AJ was the name you gave him when he joined us! He still has his real name, but AJ was the name you chose for him. Stick with it!"
She flew up to my shoulder and nuzzled my cheek. "And don't blame yourself. None
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Mature content
M.P.W. - Chapter 3 - A Step Forward, A Step Back :iconjoshtheoverlander:JoshtheOverlander 0 0
My Pokmon World - Chapter 2 - A Slow Start
It didn't take long to get into a bunch of fights with wild Pokémon as Draco and I moved along toward Viridian City. "So, Josh, what do you want to do?" Draco asked.
"What do you mean?"
"What are you gonna do on this big journey?" he elaborated.
"Oh, I think that's obvious. I'm going to take on the Pokémon League. You know, establish myself as the strongest trainer." I grinned heartily as I collected a free potion from a store representative that was passing by.
After a number of quick skirmishes with Rattatas and Pidgeys alike, we arrived in Viridian City. Draco and I skipped the Pokémon Center as Draco hardly took any damage
and went straight on to the store. I pulled out the prize money I got from beating Green and stepped inside.
The guy handling the register noticed me walk in and smiled weirdly, in a very off-putting way. "Hey kid! You're from Pallet Town, aren't ya?"
"Ugh, can I just buy something?" I groaned. I really didn't want to do this stupid part of the gam
:iconjoshtheoverlander:JoshtheOverlander 0 0
My Pokmon World - Chapter One - New Game, Start
I knew where to go the moment I stepped out of the lab. I'd played enough of the first gen games to know what to do. I headed for the edge of Pallet Town and straight into a row of grass. "Now to wait for the professor." A bit of rustling caught my attention as I waited. Maybe I shouldn't stand in the grass.
The moment I backed out of it, I heard someone call for me. I turned and saw Professor Oak running my way. "Josh, what are you doing? Walking into tall grass is dangerous without a Pokémon!"
"And right on cue," I said under my breath.
"What was that?"
"Nothing. I was actually looking for you. Green was actually thinking of picking his starter and taking off before you got back," I explained. Honestly, it probably would've been easier on me if Green did.
"That's no good. Come on, let's head back."
Upon arrival, Green started laying into his grandfather. "Where were you? I want a Pokémon already."
Off to the side, there I was, wishing I could've been put in Johto
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My Pokemon World - Intro - Waking Up
"Bluh... Oh god, my head is spinning. What happened... And...?" As I opened my eyes and let my surroundings register, I noticed the lack of familiarity this room held with me. "...Where am I?"
I looked around the room, spotting my glasses on the side table next to the bed. I quickly snatched them up and slid them onto my face before stepping out of bed. At the end of the room on a desk sat a computer. A few strides behind the bed and there I was seated at the desk.
"Let's see..." Starting up the computer, a window with a message greeted me alongside a window titled 'Item Storage'. I read the message firsthand.
Hey Josh, it's Green! Today's the day! We're getting our Pokémon today and going out on a journey. I'd wish you good luck if I didn't already know who's going to end up as the champion! Smell ya later!
"Pokémon? No...This has gotta be a joke or something," I assured myself as I closed out the message, giving attention to the item storage window. In it, one item o
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Sabrina's Night Out
"Hey, Feathers!" 
Sabrina's head poked up over a shelf of jazz CDs to acknowledge her employer. "Yes, sir?" She was just finished restocking the CDs in that shelf and was going to move to the next, but she gave her boss her undivided attention.
"You're hours were up two hours ago. It's time to go," he told her.
She looked up at the clock and it was just as he said. She was supposed to have clocked out at 8 PM, but she stuck around until 10. Then she looked around and noticed her co-workers had already all gone home. "Ah! I'm sorry, boss-man! I kept you waiting! I'll go now! Take care!"
"Sure. Have good night, Feathers."
Sabrina rushed out the door and extended her wings, taking off through the air over all of the passersby. As she soared through the air, she heard someone call out to her. She came to a halt and started to simply fly stationary while she looked among the crowds for whoever it was. Eventually making out Keria through the masses of people passing by.
"Keria! So good
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Sabrina Ray by JoshtheOverlander Sabrina Ray :iconjoshtheoverlander:JoshtheOverlander 0 0
Delve Back
Griffon, are you ready?"
"Huh?" He looked up from his bed and saw his mother looming over him. "Mom? Is that you?"
"Of course, who do you think it is?" she laughed. "Now come on and get up. It's your first day of school, isn't it? Get some clean clothes on."
"Yes ma'am," he said, letting a smile come to his face. He grabbed some clothes from his closet and slipped into them. "Who's driving us?"
"Angela will be driving us. She's your favorite maid, isn't she?"
"Yes! She's so nice! She gave me sweets yesterday," he answered.
His mom shushed him and told him not to tell the father about that. "Alright, let's go." She led him towards the end of the house. As a maid opened the door, she stumbled and grabbed the door frame for support.
"Mom, are you okay?" Griffon asked.
"I'm fine, just a bit lightheaded. Had a bit of trouble sleeping last night. I'll be fine once I'm in the car. Go on ahead."
Griffon walked to the car and prepared to climb in when he heard someone talk. "That woman, who is
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My Pokémon World is getting put on hold for a while as I work on a different fic. This is part of a rotational​ routine to keep me from outright discontinuing the docs I've started like I used to do.
I work on one fic and, when I'm starting to lose interest, I switch to a different fic until my interest in the previous story renews, then I move back to that and so on and so forth.



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