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Truth and Ideals
The sounds of battle echoed all the way to the far end of the castle halls, speaking volumes of the intensity of the battle the gym leaders were engaged in against Team Plasma. However, that battle was of no concern to him, he had bigger things to deal with.
Arriving at the gates to the throne room, he continued forward without hesitation.
"You've arrived! Good, you can witness the world changing firsthand!" A young man stood at the opposite side of the throne room holding a small black orb tightly in his hand. He seemed elated to see the trainer arrive. "Jacky, you've stood in the way of Team Plasma so much, but you won't stop us this time. Now is the time that I can finally achieve my goal. Pokemon have suffered too much at the hands of humans in the name of brutality and sport.
"No more! I've spoken to many Pokemon and heard their stories and sorrows. I've wept for them and comforted them. I'm the only one that can understand, I'm the only one that can-!"
"Do you ever shut up, N?" J
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Beers and Gears
Inspired by Pandala Wala, created by RawGreen
A Pandawa and a Xelor had been trekking through the jungle, the Xelor holding a map in his bandaged hands. "I knew I shouldn't have let you lead! Now we're lost in this wet, hot jungle thanks to you!" He looked back to give her a direct lecture, only to find his Pandawan friend was sipping from an Ecaflip brand jelly wine! "You're drinking right now!?"
"Aw come on, this is good stuff!" she complained, wiping a leaked drop of wine off her cheek. "Besides, I know this jungle like the back of my hand!" For emphasis, she lifted up her hand and pointed at it.
"Viri, that's your palm," the Xelor corrected.
She did a double take on her hand before bursting into a fit of giggles and hiccups, putting her companion at his wit's end. "Oh, don't be like that, Vex! Admit it, you're enjoying yourself!"
"You dragged me out of my house shouting about machine parts!" he retaliate
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Alisa the Job Hunter
Another failure, making seventeen within a month and a half. She never failed to keep track of them, not once. Her mother would tell her that it makes things worse to think about it, but how could she not? It was seventeen failed job interviews since she started job hunting and little more than a month has passed! 
She released a dejected sigh as she wandered the sidewalks on her way home from her most recent flop. "Maybe I'll try again tomorrow? Or, no, wait, if I try again tomorrow, I'll just wind up thinking about today and then I'll fail that one too!" she mumbled to herself as she strolled along. "Then next week? Maybe a bit to late? Or too soon? Is there a right time to apply after a failed interview?
"Maybe I should ask mom when I get home. I hope she doesn't mind. But maybe she will mind! Then what? I should ask someone, right? I should-!"
"Excuse me, ma'am!"
She jolted in place for a moment, letting out a brief, yet sharp cry of surprise. She turned her head to the left,
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The Mission
Fenris was on her way back to the library, with books on Bird Island's history and info about the Dryads in her arms. She'd taken time to look up everything she could after she'd learned of what was happening on the island. She even learned of the location of the Razanl Tree and the Dryad Kingdom, the latter being closer to Starbled and more accessible.
She figured with what was going on, it would probably be best to try and do something about it. Not that she doubted there might be someone else trying, but the more that lent a hand, the better, she figured. She couldn't let her mom and dad know and decided to tell Jacky and Sabrina after she finished returning the books. After all, don't want to return home with the risk of a library fine awaiting her in case she's gone longer than expected.
Entering the library, there was a disturbing level of quiet in it, much quieter than usual. Under normal circumstances, she'd be picking up hushed chatter in the library from people who socialize
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Joshua Mackie
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I once remembered a short film called Larger than Life from way back, about spiders that were hit with nuclear waste, causing them to grow in size and terrorize a woman who'd moved into her new home. I looked it up on Youtube and rewatched it. It was truly creepy and unnerving, that is, until the spiders actually turned huge, which made me laugh from how fake they looked. Then I got to thinking, "I wonder if there are any horror games based off arachnophobia." I looked it up and didn't come up with a single damn thing. Why hasn't there been a game like that yet?
Seriously! This idea could be a potential gold mine if the game is good enough, so why hasn't anyone done it yet!? And don't give me the argument of "It only focuses on a single fear!" because we've got plenty of games that bring out the fear of zombies, ghosts, monsters, and the like to the point where everyone's getting desensitized to it!
I understand that these subjects are almost always a guarantee for money, but it's seriously starting to get uber stale! Someone needs to experiment with new ideas and open up new ways of scaring and entertaining people through the gaming media! Otherwise it'll just continue being the same damn things all the $^%%ING TIME!!
No matter the success of it all, I tend to applaud game devs and indie devs that make games with unique ideas, with main examples being FNAF and Daylight, horror games that utilize a horror subject that is either never used or severely underused respectively. Because it brings to light subjects that have great potential and gives them a chance to get used again in the future. Granted, if the game is bad, it deserves the criticism and low ratings, but the subjects themselves should never be given the same punishment.
Instead, focus on how you can use that subject and make a better game out of it. See where the bad game went wrong and ensure that  you don't make the same mistakes, especially if you're going to utilize the same horror subject. You could do a lot with horror due to the very nature of horror being subjective and varying from person to person. Yes, a single horror game won't appeal to everyone, but horror also means that you have many, many different methods of scaring people to choose from!
But for god's sakes, please don't overuse jumpscares like a million other game devs have up to this point! Jumpscares are often incredibly cheap and lazy and rarely ever done right. It's become one of my most hated horror tropes alongside found footage movies, which can be good, like with Cloverfield, but are often incredibly shitty like the Paranormal Activity films and the dumpster fire that started it all, the Blair Witch Project. I'm sure there are people that find those movies scary, but I don't. IMO, they're boring, lifeless, and not worth the time or money.
If you want to do any of these things, please do us all a favor and don't fall into these tripe trope traps. In my experience, good horror brings out horrific nightmares, creates tension and fear, not knowing what will happen and when it will happen, and invades your comfort zone. It makes you constantly look around, keeping an eye out for what's behind you, and run like hell out of genuine adrenaline-pumped fear of what's chasing you.
Hell, you could even expand on the stuff we're already doing. Let's say in the monsters subject of horror games, you could make one that's based off of other cultures, like Greek or Japanese. Both of which have brutal or creepy legends and myths. Or perhaps you could make a horror game based off of Lovecraft's stories! You could do so many things, it's almost unbelievable!
To finish off this monster of a rant (Pun intended), what we have in the horror genre of video games is good, a bunch of games are downright amazing and deserve the aclaim, but there's also an ass ton of horrible pieces of garbage. And the lack of experimentation and exploration into more diverse subjects can be frustrating when you really think of what could be. There is progress, though, especially with Indie devs, but it's a very slow climb to the numerous and diverse subgenres of horror we could have. I have faith that we can get there, but at the moment, it just seems damn amazing how little variation we have.



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